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'Galaxy McManis' Hylo

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A Safety Oriented Flexion Table that Stresses Comfort.

This flexion distraction hylo is available in 22" to 28" heights. It smoothly tilts and lowers hydraulically at infinitely adjustable speeds. Single control levers provide precision control of the pelvic flexion with side bending and traction. Optional manual and automatic drops available on all section even ankle, rotation and auto flexion are available.

Standard Features
  • Hydraulically controlled Hylo (tilt)
  • Deluxe / Adjustable Headpiece
  • One piece adjustable chest
  • Chest & Pelvic Separation (Power)
  • Extension / Retraction of Length (Power)
  • Semi-automatic and manual flexion distraction
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Tilt Safety Switch
  • Speed adjustment of Hylo Feature
  • Powered axial distraction
  • Lateral bending
  • Ankle Straps

Optional Features
  • Lloyd's superior designed auto and manual cocking drops
  • Manual & Automatic drop Ankle
  • Pelvic rotation
  • Automatic Flexion Distraction
  • Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece
  • Grab Bar
  • Rotating chest lumbar with breakaway
  • Retractable flexion T-BAR
  • Angled T-BAR
  • Snap-on covers
  • Manual & Automatic drop ankle


The Galaxy McManis Hylo is a flexion distraction table designed with both doctor and patient in mind. Available in 55.9 cms to 71.2 cms heights, it features fully adjustable head, chest, lumbar and ankle sections. Simple control levers provide precision control of the pelvic flexion with lateral bending and traction.

The standard chest lumbar section, with spring breakaway, is designed to comfortably accommodate pregnant or large abdominal patients. A lumbar extension combined with extendable and retractable pelvic and ankle sections makes it possible to accommodate patients from 152.5 cms to 210.9 cms

Galaxy McManis Hylo Table Specifications
Height Range 55.9 cms to 71.2 cms
Fully Extended (including Footplate) 231.2 cms long
Fully Retracted (excluding Footplate) 165.1 cms long
Cushion Width 53.4 cms long
Table Width 55.9 cms long
Shipping Weight 181.5 kgs. (approx)
Actual Weight 158.8 kgs. (approx)


Manual and automatic cocking drops are optional on all sections including the optional rotating chest and forward motion/straight drop headpiece. Chest and lumbar drops can be individually operated while in a rotated position with manual and/or automatic cocking. A specially designed spring release is available with the drop chest and lumbar. The automatic cocking drops are built into the table with controls on each side and can be set manually in the event of electrical failure. No noisy compressor is required.

A flexion T-Bar that retracts downward and sideways is also an optional feature.

Fatigue is not a factor when using a Lloyd McManis Hylo. Hydraulic control provides more constant resistance through the flexion range, regardless of the patient's size or weight. The ease of varying resistance makes Lloyd McManis Tables the most popular in the industry.

Hardening and crack resistant Naugahyde upholstery is available in a wide range of colors.

The McManis Hylo is smoothly tilted or lowered hydraulically at infinitely adjustable speeds from horizonal to 70°, and controlled by foot pedals from either side of the table. The footplate falls away flat on the floor when the table is lowered to a horizontal position. A safety switch prevents the table from accidentally lowering from the hylo position.

Other Features of the Galaxy Ultimate

Long wearing is standard and available in an assortment of other fabrics are available upon request. Cushions fabricated by Lloyd's own craftsmen offer optional densities of foam.

Optional Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece  Range of motion and position of patient's head is virtually limitless.

Optional Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece
Range of motion and position of patient's head is virtually limitless.


Programmable Variable Flexion
with automatic counter displays flexions in progress from 1 to 99 in visual readout.