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Shipping Information

We ship all our Impulse Instruments from Pace Health in New Zealand. We take great care to ensure that our items reach you in perfect condition. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at
Or call us 
Australia and New Zealand - Ph: +64 274 387 662

Lloyd Tables

We use air freight to ship tables to Australia and New Zealand because it is quick and reliable.

We invoice the total cost of shipping for the table. Call or email us for your personalised quote today!

Once your table arrives in the country, we clear it through customs for you and then have the delivery company make contact with you to arrange a delivery day and time. We take care of it all for you!

Impulse Instruments

We offer courier delivery for your new Impulse or Impulse IQ instrument.
Shipping to New Zealand is Free
Shipping to Australia is normally AU$50. Currently it is FREE for a limited time.

We ship from Napier NZ. You will usually receive your instrument within 2 – 6 days of ordering and paying for the instrument. This time depends on where you are located.