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Warranty Information

Lloyd Tables

The Galaxy, Astro, Activator, 402 and Cosmic tables are guaranteed against defects in parts, materials (excluding upholstery) and workmanship for One Year - Full cost of parts.

Second and Third Years - Limited cost of parts.

Impulse Instruments

The Impulse Instrument comes standard with a 3 year warranty.

Impulse IQ instruments come standard with a 3 year warranty.

To check if your Impulse or Impulse IQ instrument is under warranty please enter the serial no of your instrument here and when can check your warranty status for you.

If your instrument is within its warranty period you can send it back to us and once we have received it we will send you a replacement instrument. There is a packaging and handling fee for this service of A$/NZ$180. Contact us first and we will send you the warranty replacement form.

If your instrument is outside the warranty period:

  1. Return your instrument to Neuromechanical Innovations to have it refurbished. You will need to deal directly with Neuromechanical Innovations to do this. Please note the refurbished instrument will have a shorter warranty – 3 months for an Impulse and 1 year for an Impulse IQ. The FDA prohibit Neuromechanical Innovations from repairing/refurbishing any instrument that is older than 5 years.