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Supplier of Lloyds Chiropractic Tables & Impulse Intruments

Pace Health

Australian & New Zealand Supplier of Lloyd Chiropractic Tables & Impulse Instruments

Pace Health is the official Australian & New Zealand supplier of Lloyd Chiropractic tables and Impulse instruments. Our mission is to help you improve your practice and deliver results for you and your patients.

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Lloyd Chiropractic Adjusting Tables

Pace Health is the Australian and New Zealand supplier for Lloyd Chiropractic Tables.

Lloyd Tables is the largest manufacturer of chiropractic tables in the world. Dr Lloyd A. Steffensmeier, Doctor of Chiropractic, and the Founder of The Lloyd Table Company, began manufacturing chiropractic adjusting tables in 1963 and the company has grown steadily ever since.

Chiropractors in Australia and New Zealand have discovered that Lloyd adjusting tables provide unparalleled patient comfort. Only Pace Health offers you virtually an unlimited choice of options that include our superior manual and automatic drops available on all sections.

Choose from the widest selection you'll find from any single source in Australia and New Zealand. Lloyd adjusting tables are built to perform day after day, year after year. Talk to us today to find out how Lloyd Tables can improve for your practice.

IMPULSE® Adjusting Instruments

Impulse Instruments for chiropractors and doctors are developed from research to produce thrusts that are the same peak force as manual adjustments, except 100x faster. The result is more biomechanically efficient adjustments that are easier on patients and easier on the chiropractors using them.

The Impulse® and iQ® Adjusting Instruments are both premiere research-based UL Listed and Approved state-of-the-art tools for your chiropractic practice.

Wondering how the Impulse iQ® differs from other so-called ‘computerised’€ adjusting instruments? Wathc this video and learn about the research, validation, and technology that sets iQ® apart from the rest.



Talk to Dr. Laurence Gilmore

Laurence Gilmore

Talk with Laurence Gilmore (DC) today and use his insight into chiropractic practice and chiropractic tables to design a table that meets your needs and vision.

Find out about a table that suits you and the way you practice.

The Largest Range of Tables and Options

Get a table that really suits the way you want to practice. Pace Health can offer over 100,000 different table combinations to enhance your adjustments and the comfort of your patients.

Chiropractic Table Design Service

Lloyd Table Design



Talk with Laurence Gilmore (DC) today and use his insight into chiropractic practice and chiropractic tables to design a table that meets your needs and vision.


lloyd chiropractic tables for sale in Australia and New Zealand

The Fastest Tables with a Patented Drop System

Two very important aspects of a good chiropractic table are speed of motion (to keep up with a busy patient rotation) and quality drops to deliver better adjustments.

Lloyd tables are powered by oil hydraulics. That means speed! Other tables on the market use either pneumatic (air) drops which require a noisy internal or external compressor or an electric screw type system which is simply just slow.

Dr Lloyd Steffensmeier (DC) used his unique blend of chiropractic and engineering know-how to design the patented ‘Total Response Drop System’ exclusively available in Lloyd Tables.

What Our Customers Say

Graham Greatorex D.C.

"I especially like the hylo and vertilift features as I no longer have to help older patients getting on or off the table - that really saves wear and tear on my back"

Josh Cutrell, Mid-Murray Chiropractic

"I have used several different styles of tables over the past 15 years as a chiropractor and I have found Lloyd tables to be extremely effective and dependable.  The crisp drops and numerous features available help produce great results for patients and are comfortable to use.  

Patients often comment on how they love being adjusted on the Lloyd tables we have."