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Activator® Elevation

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The Activator® Elevation is a workhorse designed and built in the Lloyd tradition for quality and long lasting use in the most demanding of practices.

The quiet, smooth hydraulic elevation feature will virtually eliminate stooping and bending leaving you less fatigued when the workday is finished.

The cushion design gives maximum comfort to your patients. The elevation range for this table is 45.8 cms to 96.6 cms.

Activator® Elevation Table Specifications
Height Range 45.8 cms to 96.6 cms
Width 66.1 cms
Length 182.9 cms
Face Opening 122.0 cms
Shipping Weight 149.7 kgs. (approx)
Actual Weight 118.0 kgs. (approx)


Standard Features

  • 5.1 cms Raised Wedge at Foot End or Separate Ankle Rest
  • Gray Baked Urethane Powder Coated Frame
  • 66.1 cms Wide Cushions
  • 122.0 cms Long Face Opening

Optional Features:

  • 71.2 cms Wide Cushions
  • Electronic Height Adjustment (EHA) allows you to pre-set a lower, mid-level, and upper height. EHA allows the table to be elevated or lowered with one tap of the foot pedal.

activator chiropractic table elevation system


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