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402 Flexion Stationary

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The 402 Flexion-Stationary table features a narrowed head and shoulder section for added patient comfort. A simple control lever provides instant locking of flexion or lateral bending.

Hydraulic control provides more constant resistance through the flexion range, regardless of the patient's size and weight.

The pelvic section of the 402 Flexion Stationary table can be extended or retracted hydraulically with a pump of a foot pedal located on either side of the table.

Standard features include: tilt head, adjustable chest, pelvic flexion distraction, pelvic lateral side bending, and horizontally adjustable ankle rest.

There are many options to choose from including, drops on all sections and more!

Standard Features
  • Tilting headpiece with add-on paper attachment
  • One piece adjustable chest
  • Manual Flexion Distraction
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest (Horizontal)
  • Axial extension & retraction of pelvic section (Manual Foot Pump)
  • Lateral bending
  • Ankle Straps
Optional Features:
  • Lloyd's superior designed manual cocking drops
  • Manual drop Ankle
  • Pelvic rotation
  • Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece
  • Grab Bar
  • Spring Breakaway Chest
  • Rotating chest lumbar with breakaway
  • Retractable flexion T-BAR
  • Angled T-Bar
  • Snap-on Covers


402 Flexion Stationary Specifications
Height Range 45.8 cms to 76.3 cms
Fully Extended 198.2 cms
Fully Retracted 170.2 cms
Cushion Width 53.4 cms
Table Width 55.9 cms
Shipping Weight 90.8 kgs. (approx)
Actual Weight 68.1 kgs. (approx)


Lloyds drop design allows the amount of force applied to be equal, weather that force is applied on the right, left or center of the pelvic cushion, making them superior to other drops on the market.

The automatic cocking drops are built into the table with controls on each side and can be set manually in the event of electric failure. No air compressor is required.

A specially designed spring release on drop chest and lumbar and flexion T-BAR that retracts downward or sideways are optional.

Optional manual and automatic drops are available on an optional rotating chest lumbar section. 

Other Features of the 402 Flexion Stationary

Optional Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece  Range of motion and position of patient's head is virtually limitless.

Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece

An optional headpiece available on many of Lloyd's tables.
Its standard features are:

Forward Motion & Straight (Toggle) Drops
Lateral Bending
Supine & Prone Axial Traction
Flex Assist Handle & Harness


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