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Astro Stationary

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Lloyd Astro Stationary model comes standard with a one-piece body, tilting headrest, extendable ankle rest; arm rests and add on paper attachment. The table has pre-machined holes and fixtures that allow conversion to a table with manually operated cocking drops.

The Astro Stationary model (shown above) is available with optional manual kick or hand cocking drops of the thoracic, lumbar or pelvic sections. Lloyd's kick drop system allows easy cocking of the cushion, no matter the size of the patient, and assures years of problem-free performance. An adjustable elevated ankle rest is also optional.

Astro Stationary Table Specifications
Height Range 45.8 cms to 71.2 cms
Fully Extended 190.5 cms long
Fully Retracted 157.5 cms long
Cushion Width 53.4 cms widths
Table Width 55.9 cms widths
Table Weight 63.6 kgs. (approx)
Shipping Weight 86.2 kgs. (approx)



Standard Features
  • Tilt Headpiece
  • One piece body cushion
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest (horizontal)

Optional Features:

  • Deluxe Headpiece - Tilts, Elevates, Adjustable Width cushions
  • Lloyd's superior designed manual cocking drops on all sections
  • Manual drop Ankle
  • Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece
  • Adjustable Pelvic
  • Snap-on Covers



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